C-SED Summer Studio Internships at the University of Michigan: The Summer Studio facilitates the transformation of cutting-edge research into design innovations that have the capacity to change the world. Bringing together interdisciplinary teams of designers, the Studio develops and delivers design recommendations to researchers working on some of society’s most pressing challenges. As collaborative members of an interdisciplinary team, student interns engage clients directly and work together through a design process to create strategies that transform research into desirable, viable, and feasible innovations.

To help you develop a sense of the type of work you would do during your internship we recommend checking out the following past projects:

TraceRoot, a past Innovation Studio summer internship project, was focused on building resources for better exploring social determinants of health. Intern Kai Yu put together this website that summarizes the process and project.

Faculty Lead: Dr. Sharon Kardia, Epidemiology, School of Public Health

Design Intern Team:

  • Anay Samvanshi: School of Information (Masters)
  • Ian Robinson: School of Natural Resources & Ross School of Business (Masters)
  • Kai Yu: Stamps School of Art & Design (Masters)

Project Description: The intern team interviewed over 100 faculty and staff to understand how might Public Health create linkages across faculty interests to create an atmosphere conducive to more interdepartmental collaborations and opportunities for innovations.

Design Intern Team:

  • Shubhum Sidhar: School of Information & School of Public Health (Masters)
  • Alex Gonzalez: Ross School of Business (Undergrad)
  • Priyanka Raju: Stamps School of Art & Design (Masters)
  • Victoria Alden: School of Public Health (Masters)

Motivational Interviewing: MiHub: an automated MI coding tool, which uses natural language processing to provide both feedback and personalized training support to practitioners to continuously improve MI skills.

Faculty Lead: Dr. Ken Resnicow, Health Behavior Health Education, School of Public Health

Design Intern Team:

  • Ellen Wagner: School of Information (Masters)
  • Chris Hart: Ross School of Business (Undergrad)
  • Isa Kujawski: School of Public Health (Masters)

Project Description: Summer Studio interns helped KTOP develop a predictive learning health system that utilizes electronic health records to find and treat at-risk Medicaid recipients. Interns engaged in the discovery process of understanding stakeholders and the ecosystem in which this predictive learning system will live in.

Faculty Lead: Dr. Jody Platt, Department of Learning Health Sciences, Michigan Medicine

Design Intern Team:

  • Sarang Modi: College of Literature, Science and the Arts, PreMed (Undergrad)
  • Jade Crump: Ross School of Business (Masters)
  • Katherine Jones: Stamps School of Art and Design (Masters)
  • Sam Bertin: Stamps School of Art and Design (Undergrad)

Project Description: Summer Studio Interns partnered with nutrition and environmental health science researchers to explore the desirability, market viability, and technical feasibility of moving a tool developed through a research project – the Healthy Nutrition Index HeNI) – find its way into the hands of users. Interns prototyped concepts that effectively capture the pursuit of a more healthful and sustainable food ecology.

Faculty Lead: Dr. Olivier Jolliet, Environmental Health Sciences, School of Public Health

Design Intern Team:

  • David Corneail: Detroit College of Creative Studies (Undergrad)
  • Jon Halpern: Ross School of Business (Undergrad)
  • Chris Lezama: Ford School of Public Policy (Masters)
  • Katerina Stylianou: School of Public Health (Doctoral Candidate)

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